Sodium Citrate


  • Nectar
  • Liquid
  • Syrup

 Lakeside Food Sales, Inc. is a wholesale bulk Sodium Citrate supplier and distributor. We supply and distribute Sodium Citrate ingredients and additives to food product manufacturers and deliver Sodium Citrate in various forms. Including but not limited to: cubed, nectar and liquid extract.

Sodium Citrate is the sodium salt derived from Citric Acid. Similar to Citric Acid, it poseses a sour taste. Additionally, as with other salts, it imparts a distinct salty flavor. Commonly referred to as sour salt, Sodium Citrate finds widespread application as a food additive, serving purposes such as enhancing flavor and preservation.

Sodium citrate exists as a white, crystalline Powder, or white, granular crystals. It readily disolves in water, while being practically insoluble in alcohol.

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