Close Outs, Overstock, Bulk Raw Materials

In 2001, Lakeside Food Sales, inc. developed a sales division that concentrates exclusively on looking for closeouts, overruns, discontinued items, and close-code dated products.


This division has expanded rapidly and now includes sales in frozen and dry foods, health and beauty aids, household goods and other general merchandise items. The company’s vendors include many of the largest manufacturers in the world.

Lakeside Food Sales, Inc. enjoys supplying customers from coast to coast and can offer warehouse and distribution programs that strategically work with your buying objectives located throughout the United States. Lakeside Food Sales, Inc. believes communication with our customers is key. We pass on great savings to our customers by notifying them about special buys and offers.

Some food items may only be sold to food banks or prisons. Meanwhile, other food products may only be sold in certain geographic areas due to a variety of reasons such as sensitive labels.

Lakeside Food Sales, Inc. is offered outstanding opportunities from major manufacturers worldwide because we honor all agreements on restrictions from manufacturers.

To speak to a representative about our solutions, services and how we can serve you, contact us today.

Note: We also have avenues to supply any products and/or raw ingredients deemed not fit for human consumption.
For Example: Products like animal feed are very expensive to send to landfills or dumpsters, therefore, offering savings for large volume purchases. Finding a different home and/or use for these products will benefits both the environment and your organizations need for these supplies.

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