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Lakeside Food Sales Inc is supplier and distributor of raw ingredients to food and beverage manufacturers, restaurants and bakeries across the United States.   We have developed this corporate website to promote our products and services. All content on this website is copyrighted material.

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As suppliers and distributors of bulk food product ingredients, we have formulated this website with the intent to promote our services to food and beverage manufacturers. In doing so, our product catalog has been organized with the intent to provide a good user experience to our website visitors. Therefore, in effort to effectively exhibit our products and services, rather than licensing stock images to promote our product catalog, we have hired a professional web design company (AdverGroup LLC). They are experts in image generation using artificial intelligence (AI). This web design company has produced numerous unique product images which adequately depict our product catalog.  These images are copyrighted materials owned by AdverGroup LLC.  (https://www.advergroup.com) AdverGroup has provided Lakeside Food Sales permission to use these images to promote their products and services.