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Lakeside Food Sales, Inc. is a wholesale bulk Potato Flour bulk ingredient supplier and distributor. We supply and distribute bulk Potato Flour, for food product manufacturers and deliver in Powder, form.

What is the difference between Potato Flour and Potato Starch??

  • Potato flour is produced by cooking whole peeled potatoes, followed by drying and grinding them into a fine, beige-colored powder.
  • Potato starch is extracted from crushed potatoes through a washing proces, and then it undergoes drying to obtain a fine, bright-white powder.

Potato flour, often mistaken for potato starch, is a powdery substance made from peeled, cooked potatoes. It is derived from mashed potato flakes that are mostly drum-dried and ground, incorporating both the protein and some of the fibers present in the potato. With its off-white, slightly yellowish color, this dehydrated and dried form of potato, known as instant mashed potatoes, can be found in granules or flakes.

While potato flour disolves easily in cold water, it is not widely utilized due to its tendency to be heavy.

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