Potato Starch


  • Powder

Lakeside Food Sales, Inc. is a wholesale bulk Potato starch bulk ingredient supplier and distributor. We supply and distribute bulk Potato starch, for food product manufacturers and deliver in various forms.

What is the difference between Potato Starch and potato flour??

  • Potato starch is extracted from crushed potatoes through a washing proces, and then it undergoes drying to obtain a fine, bright-white powder.
  • Potato flour is produced by cooking whole peeled potatoes, followed by drying and grinding them into a fine, beige-colored powder.

Potato starch is derived from potatoes, specifically from the cells of their root tubers. These cells house leucoplasts, which contain starch grains. To obtain the starch, the potatoes are crushed, releasing the starch grains from the damaged cells. The starch is then separated from the solution through settling or hydrocyclones, and subsequently dried into a Powder, form.

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