Guaran Gum


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Lakeside Food Sales, Inc. is a wholesale bulk Guaran Gum ingredient supplier and distributor. We supply and distribute Guaran Gum, also known as Guar Gum ingredients and Guaran Gum food product manufacturers and deliver in various forms.

Guar gum, also known as guaran, is derived from legumes known as guar beans. It is a type of polysaccharide, a long chain of carbohydrates composed of mannose and galactose sugars. Guar gum is commonly used in procesed foods as a food additive or thickening agent. Its solubility and water-absorbing properties make it ideal for creating gels that enhance the thicknes and binding capabilities of products. The specific nutrient composition of guar gum varies among producers, but it is generally low in calories and rich in soluble fiber. Protein content typically ranges from 5-6%.v

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recognizes guar gum as generally safe for consumption in specified amounts acros a range of food products. Guar gum and Xanthan gum are commonly utilized in gluten-free recipes and products. These gums are especially favored for their ability to enhance gluten-free formulations whilst maintaining impeccable texture and structure.

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